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LinkedIn Insight Tag

Why are the scripts not loaded on the Shopify Checkout pages can not add add additional scripts on the Checkout pages. Updates to the Shopify Checkout pages are only allowed for the Shopify Plus and enterprise level accounts.

Where can I find my installed Pixels

The installed Pixels can be found on the dashboard of the

What is the LinkedIn Insight Pixel

Social media platform LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft) has more than 850 million members, and has carved out a niche for itself among giants like Facebook and Twitter for its ability to connect job seekers and employers across the globe. The primary purpose of LinkedIn is streamlining employment and recruitment efforts, the platform also supports more social connections and in turn, opens the door for targeted campaigns that speak to the needs of its specific user base. The challenge of this marketing efforts?…

How to install LinkedIn Insight Tag on Shopify

LinkedIn Insight Tag Settings instructions To access the Insight Tag associated with your ads account: 7. Copy the Partner ID in the field on top of this page and click on “save and continue”

How to activate/Inactivate a Pixel

Go the dashboard of the In the list-view, you do find a toggle bar to Activate/Inactive a Pixel. When you toggle the slider, the pixel will be inactivated.

<HEAD> and <BODY> permissions

2 additional permissions are required to allow the to write to the <HEAD> and <BODY> section of your web-store. Click on the "Enable the team extension for <head> - app container". Click on "Save" to grant the permissions. Click on the "Enable the team extension for <body> - app container". click on "Save" to grant the permissions.