What is the LinkedIn Insight Pixel

Social media platform LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft) has more than 850 million members, and has carved out a niche for itself among giants like Facebook and Twitter for its ability to connect job seekers and employers across the globe.

The primary purpose of LinkedIn is streamlining employment and recruitment efforts, the platform also supports more social connections and in turn, opens the door for targeted campaigns that speak to the needs of its specific user base.

The challenge of this marketing efforts? Measuring the impact. Sure, visitors might see your ads on LinkedIn, but what then? How do you know if they subsequently stopped by your website, signed up for your newsletter, or actually made a purchase?

The Insight Tag enables you to tie website conversion goals (form fills, email signups, eBook downloads, etc.) to the analytical tools for LinkedIn ads. By implementing these conversion tracking features on your site, you will have much stronger data to lean on when optimising your ad spend.

This is the purpose of the LinkedIn Insight Tag, more commonly called the LinkedIn Pixel.