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Why are the scripts not loaded on the Shopify Checkout pages can not add add additional scripts on the Checkout pages. Updates to the Shopify Checkout pages are only allowed for the Shopify Plus and enterprise level accounts.

Where can I find my installed Pixels

The installed Pixels can be found on the dashboard of the

What is Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a behavioural analytics tool that turns user data into visual insights and shows which parts of your website get the most engagement. It offers dashboards, heat-maps, session replays, and features such as rage clicks and dead clicks that make it easy to analyse issues that frustrate users. we love Microsoft Clarity because it’s easy to install, easy to use, and it’s free! In the past, I’ve used Clarity to: Through these different projects, you will come to learn more about…

Is Microsoft Clarity GDPR compliant

With all this data being stored, is Clarity GDPR-complaint? The answer is yes! According to Microsoft’s Frequently Asked Privacy Questions, Clarity is GDPR-compliant and processes data in compliance with the CCPA. All data is stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud service, and project data is only stored for three months before the project owner can no longer access it. Project owners also have the ability to mask certain elements and text (by default Clarity masks sensitive text like emails) in Settings to…

How to install Clarity Pixel on Shopify

Before you can start learning how people are using your site, we need to take a few more steps. Instructions 5. Past the project ID on the shopify APP 6. click "Save and Continue" to complete the installation

How to activate/Inactivate a Pixel

Go the dashboard of the In the list-view, you do find a toggle bar to Activate/Inactive a Pixel. When you toggle the slider, the pixel will be inactivated.

<HEAD> and <BODY> permissions

2 additional permissions are required to allow the to write to the <HEAD> and <BODY> section of your web-store. Click on the "Enable the team extension for <head> - app container". Click on "Save" to grant the permissions. Click on the "Enable the team extension for <body> - app container". click on "Save" to grant the permissions.