What is Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a behavioural analytics tool that turns user data into visual insights and shows which parts of your website get the most engagement. It offers dashboards, heat-maps, session replays, and features such as rage clicks and dead clicks that make it easy to analyse issues that frustrate users.

we love Microsoft Clarity because it’s easy to install, easy to use, and it’s free! In the past, I’ve used Clarity to:

  • Look at top performing and underutilised elements on specific pages
  • Understand how users move through the main navigation and the utility navigation 
  • Understand if users from different countries interact with content on a site differently

Through these different projects, you will come to learn more about the platform and all of the exciting integrations available at our fingertips! If you’re looking for a new heatmapping or session recording tool, read on to learn more about our favorite Microsoft Clarity features