Why do you need tracking pixels on Shopfiy

Tracking pixels are pure marketing gold as they create considerable insights into audience, user behaviours, and ad marketing campaigns. There are many different tracking pixels which can be installed on your Shopify store, but retargeting, conversion pixels and behavior anlytics are the three types most important for you to be aware of.

Retargeting pixels

Say someone needs a new pair of shoes and turns to Google to see what the options are. When they aren’t finding anything, they exit out and head over to a social media platform like Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google Tagmanager, Snapchat or Instagram, then boom, they get followed by an ad for shoes. It is a retargeting pixel!

Retargeting pixels focus on website visiting behaviors. It monitors what websites people search online, the items they pay attention to and interact with. The data gathered from retargeting pixels allow marketers to tailor their ads based on the website visitor’s activity. The goal is to keep the user’s attention on products and services they’ve already seen and that is achieved thanks to retargeting pixels.

Conversion pixels

Different from retargeting pixels, conversion pixels track purchases and goals that the online visitors have completed. It gives marketers insights into specific ads and the generated revenue and sales linked to them. Conversion pixels don’t only track purchases. Other types of goals could be:

  • Completing a form
  • Clicking on a “call to action”
  • Sharing a post
  • Watching a video

Tracking Users doing exactly what advertisers want them to do!

Place a conversion pixel on the order Thank You page or order complete page and a trigger goes off when a user completes an action. The data from that trigger provides information to marketers about their audience, the different types of users that are more likely to convert, and how to better target campaigns.

Behavior anlytics pixels

Clarity is a user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website through features such as session replays and heatmaps.

Instant heatmaps

Generate automatically for all your pages. See where people click, what they ignore, and how far they scroll.

Session Recordings

Watch how people use your site. Explore what's working, learn what needs to be improved, and test out new ideas.

Powerful insights

Quickly discover where users get frustrated and turn these problems into opportunities.