Advantages of tracking pixels

The use of tracking pixels is beneficial for Shopify website operators, SEOs and email senders. This is because they can use the information generated to improve their online offers, make them more user-friendly, and adapt the offers to the most commonly used browser types and versions.

Even more advantageous is the fact that tracking pixels are more effective than cache in browsers: The access to a page is still counted. If JavaScript is used, more information can be collected. This includes the screen resolution, plugins used, support of certain technologies by the browser, etc. It therefore becomes possible to differentiate between users and bots, as well as create user profiles. The IP address, visits by a certain user, and the properties of this user can be used to create navigation paths. For web analysis, however, the tracking pixel generally just forms the basis. Advanced technologies are required which are only realisable by specialised service providers.

Tracking pixels can also be beneficial in the analysis of sent email newsletters, because they show the opening rates of certain emails or newsletters through the user statistics data. Together with A/B tests, successful campaigns can thus be determined. From the recipient’s point of view, this has the advantage that newsletters in the future can be designed to be more relevant and interesting.