What is the new Twitter Pixel

The new Twitter Pixel is a website tag that is implemented on your website to track site actions or conversions. 

This new product combines Twitters legacy web tags  - the Universal Web Tags (UWT) and Single Event Tags (SET) - into one, easier-to-use solution. Twitter has also introduced code-based event functionality (vs. events defined by URL rules).

The new Twitter Pixel is made up of two parts:

  • Base code - similar to the Universal Web Tag, this should be implemented across all pages of your site. Any previously integrated Universal Web Tags are able to operate as the base code of the new Twitter Pixel. The base code tracks visits to a website and initializes the pixel so that you can track additional events via event code or create audiences using Audience Manager.

  • Event code - requires the base code to be implemented. Similar to Single Event Tags, event code should be implemented in key locations (like an add-to-cart button). Any previously integrated Single Event Tags have been transitioned to operate as event code of the new Twitter Pixel. Event code allows you to track individual actions on your website, like Purchases.