Cookie (2)

What is a Cookie

A cookie is a record that is stored by a web server on the user's hard drive. The file received is a combination of characters consisting of numbers and letters, which assigns a certain identity to the user (client). They may not exceed a maximum size of 4 KB and contain, for example, information about the duration of the visit or what the user clicked on. When the customer or user returns to the website later, the cookie information is sent back…

How does a Cookie work?

There are two possibilities for how cookies can function on a website: 1. A cookie can be transmitted via the header for requests and responses via HTTP. Cookies are created in the client when an additional cookie line with the HTTP headers is transferred when a website is accessed. 2. A cookie can be generated locally by JavaScript, Java or a similar scripting language and thus transferred. The respective script is always located in the website which is transmitted by the server.